Yotti opens first data centre facility, to tap growing demand for cloud migration

Yotta Infrastructure, a Hiranandani Group-owned managed data centre service provider, has opened its first data center facility near Mumbai. With an initial capacity of 7200 racks and 820000 square feet area, the data centre aims to cater the increasing demand from organisations to move operations to the cloud, remotely located servers.

Once fully built, will have an overall capacity of 30,000 racks, said the company.

“We are seeing demand for third party data centre facilities from across the board. Sectors such as media and entertainment, especially OTT players, pharma and healthcare, banking, education are going to significantly boost growth for cloud services,” said Sunil Gupta, managing partner & chief executive officer, Yotta.

With the pandemic fast-tracking the digital transformation efforts across enterprises and mass transition to remote working, Canalys Global reported that cloud spends were at a record high with 34% jump in the first quarter of 2020.

Initiatives under the Digital India campaign are further accelerating the growth in India’s data center industry, said Gupta.

The company is planning to develop four more such facilities across Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi over the next couple of years.

Technology major Oracle opened its second data centre facilities in India a week ago ramping up its presence in India in line with the US, Japan, Australia and other key markets.

“A good data center infrastructure is critical for a robust digital economy and with this data center the Hiranandani Group has yet again delivered on their standards of creating a new benchmark in every industry that they operate in. For the success of Digital India, we must become a big global Data Refinery – data cleaning, data processing, data innovation and research – and all of this will need to be done keeping in mind data privacy laws,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology.

“We shall never compromise on the data sovereignty of India. The data economy has a lot of potential and in all its promise – a good data center is the pillar it builds on,” the minister added.

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