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Players like Kesrick Williams and Sunil Ambris will be in action as cricket returns with the Vincy Premier T10 League in the West Indies. (WICB)

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 Live Score, Grenadines Divers vs Salt Pond Breakers (GRD vs SPB) Live Score Updates: Cricket returns – at least in some form – from the Covid-19-induced banishment on Friday with the Vincy Premier League, a T10 tournament that will roll on for 10 days in the tiny and picturesque East Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This league, if one discounts the Vanuatu Premier League, is the only instance of competitive cricket since the pandemic outbreak that suspended most sporting activities in the world.

The big draws in this league are capped West Indies players like exuberant opening batsman Sunil Ambris, pacer Kesrick Williams (of the Virat Kohli fame), up-and-coming left-arm seamer Obey McCoy and highly-raved batsman Gidron Pope.

Ambris gets the chase underway with a single down to fine leg as McCoy opts for the short ball to start up. McCoy, perhaps trying too hard, strays down either side of the wicket with his two balls. The one down the leg side is given as wide. Good carry for the young left arm seamer but his line is all awry at the moment. And then there is a no ball signalled by the umpire. Not the most auspicious start to this innings for the Divers either. Not much attacking intent from the opening batsmen. 4/0 after 1 over

Sunil Ambris and Rickford Walker open the batting for the Salt Pond Breakers. Obed McCoy to bowl the first over. Can he make the bowling team’s effort explode to life? McCoy vs Ambris is set to be a delicious clash. Chase to begin in a moment. 69 to win in 10 overs.

Cannot complain of lack of action in that innings. Ambris and his men need 69 to win in 10 overs. The Salt Pond Breakers look set to win the first match of the first ever Vincy Premier League. The chase to begin in a short while.

Latchman goes for a Dilscoop shot. Tried to do something different. But is caught. What a simple catch for the fielder at short fine leg. 68/9 and the Divers have been forced to bring out all their batsman. And woulld you believe it. Their last batsmen is also out off the last ball of the innings. Two in two to end the innings, three wickets in the last over. 68 all out in 10 overs is the final score.

Richards goes for one big shot too many. Comfotable catch on the deep midwicket boundary rope. 68/7 the score with two balls left in the innings. Braxie Browne, the 2nd last batsman in the batting order, comes in.

Delorn Johnson bowls another superb over. Troubles Latchman with short balls. Richie Richards, with a long mane peeping out from under his helmet, is the latest non-striker Latchman has. How many more can they add to the score in the last over? They would have targeted 100 before the match at least. Richie Richards gets a boundary with an edge off his first ball! Four more balls left. 66/7.

Delorn Johnson, who bowled a great opening over of the day, comes back to bowl the 9th over. And he gets a wicket with a short ball. The batsman sends the ball straight down third man’s throat. Catches don’t come easier than that. The Grenadine Divers dig themselves more and more into trouble. They have about 10 more balls to play and they are now on 60/7.

Obed McCoy goes for a short innings. His job was always going to be trying to clear the ropes from ball one but he is bowled in his second delivery. The Divers’ innings falls into further disarray as the Breakers climb all over them. Two overs left in the innings. Latchman, the keeper batsman, still in there, but he is now accompanied by the tail.

Pierre trying to move his score along with singles. They have to go for their big shots soon though. The Salt Pond Breakers have pushed their fielders all to the boundary. And it is one of those fielders who takes the catch as another wicket falls. The 5th wicket falls. Romano Pierre, who has fallen in his first attempt to hit a big shot, puts his teams into further pressure. Obed McCoy, who has a strike rate of 223, comes in at No.7. 

Anson Latchman, the keeper, joins Romano Pierre in the middle as Javid Harry comes back to bowl his 2nd over and the 7th over of the innings. Pierre moves on to 12. Both batsmen now look to be getting the balls into the gap with pushes and dabs. Harry gets a big lbw shout as Pierre misses with the sweep. The bowling team seems to have gotten the ascendancy with the wickets of Browne and Hooper in quick succession. 54/3 after 7 overs

Sunil Ambris gets his counterpart Asif Hooper out lbw. He was causing problems for the batsmen throughout, and he has got the big wicket. Hooper almost gestures to the dug out that he cannot believe Ambris is getting so much turn from this pitch. 51/3 after 5.2 overs

Another good over for the bowling side. Two left handers in the middle now and they are grafting some runs, pushing the ball past the infield. Ambris comes back for his second over. Romano Pierre and Asif Hooper dealing with his crafty spin.

Browne goes for a big pull against a ball which was just not there for the shot. The ball grew big on him and a top edge spoons up to be caught in the infield. Browne was in an attacking mood and his distraught at having to go. Asif Hooper, the captain, is the new batsman. 39/2 after 4.2 overs

An interesting over from Ambris. He gets a good lbw shout against Pierre but the umpire is unmoved. Browne continues his attack at the other end, swatting a four to the off side off Ambris. Ambris is bowling well though, at a nipping pace and at variable length. 39/1 after 4 overs.

First wicket in the Vincy Premier League. And it is a run out. The batsmen were trying to turn a double into a triple and the batsman was nowhere near the crease when the keeper flicked the bails off. Harper departs. Shem Browne, on 19, leading the attack.
Sunil Ambris to bowl the 4th over.

Shem Browne goes big again! High above the mid off fielder. One bounce and into the fence. Shem Browne, after not scoring in the first over, has started an onslaught. The bowler, thrown off his line, bowls a big wide down the leg side and there are two bye runs. Another smash down the leg side, this time by Harper. A big over, this one. And to add to the worries for Ambris’s team, there are two overthrows. 

First boundary! Shem Browne smashes the spinner on the leg side for the first boundary in the league. He follows up with a boundary straight past the bowler. 15 runs come off that over with Shem Browne’s attack. 18/0 after 2 overs

Delorn Johnson bowls a great over. Wayne Harper and Shem Browne play out the first over without managing to make much sweet contact with the ball as the star Ponds bowler Johnson targets the area just outside off stumpo. 3/0 after 1 over

Spin brought on for the second over and Javid harry starts off with a wide down leg side.

Delorn Johnson to bowl the first ball as cricket returns from the wilderness. What a moment! 

Grenadine Divers (batting first): Obed McCoy (Marquee), Asif Hooper, Shem Browne, Anson Latchman, Tijorn Pope, Romano Pierre, Wayne Harper, Geron Wyllie, Razie Browne, Richie Richards, Braxie Browne

Salt Pond Breakers: Sunil Ambris (Marquee), Delorn Johnson, Rickford Walker, Donwell Hector, Jeremy Layne, Javid Harry, Benninton Stapleton, Kadir Nedd, Seon Sween, Wesrick Strough, Urnel Thomas.

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